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Dora's Dairy

The cows are a friendly bunch with their own characters and names, some mischievous and some gentle but all happy, loved and well cared for. Nutrition and welfare is a high priority and we work closely with our vet to keep the girls healthy and to keep the use of antibiotics to a minimum. Our girls stay with us for a long time, our oldest cow Granny, is 13 and has had 11 calves.

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Packaging Not Included

Zero waste shop in Marlborough, Wiltshire selling local produce, organic food, organic bread, wholefoods, eco cleaning products and reuseable containers.

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Purton House Organics

We are a local, family-run organic box scheme, delivering freshly produced fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and extras around Swindon, Cirencester and Marlborough.

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