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Active Travel





Our aims

 Our achievements

We have secured grant funding for feasibility and design work for several sections of our proposed network. We would like to thank Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy Community Energy Fund for its support. Our local recycling company and landfill operator, Crappers, is a great supporter of our plans and has kindly agreed to help fund construction of sections of the route.

We have been working closely with RWB Town Council and Wiltshire Council and they are supporting the development of various routes and infrastructure across the town. Active travel is now part of our town's Climate and Environmental Policy.

We lobbied and gained agreement for new cycle parking on the high street with 2 new secure parking bars installed alongside the crossing in front of the Kebab Shop.

Get involved

We welcome support and insight from anyone who is interested in encouraging cycling and other sustainable transport and are happy for you to be involved as you can. 


We meet periodically to update progress and see how we can move projects on. You don't necessarily have to come to meetings. Perhaps you can:


  • lobby

  • write to local businesses

  • map routes

  • raise awareness


If you are too busy or don't want to take another thing on, you can also help us by indicating your support for our projects and tell people about them.


For more information please contact:

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