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Rewild RWB

Our wildlife is in trouble. Birds, insects, plants and animals have been decimated in the last few decades by habitat loss, pesticides and global warming. Nearly half of all British wildlife is in decline and many species are threatened with extinction. 


We want to help restore our local wildlife and increase biodiversity. We want to protect and expand our precious green spaces. We want to plant trees and let wildflowers bloom to reduce carbon emissions and expand habitats and food sources for wildlife. 


We have been working with our parish council, schools and community groups on tree-planting and wildflower. We have been campaigning with Wiltshire council and our local councillors to change their road verge management to let wildflowers grow. We support our local natural spaces and organisations, with updates from the Canal Trust, the Community Nature Reserve and Morningside Meadows. We encourage local residents who want to use their gardens to look after wildlife with resources and information from organisations like Naturehood and regular posts from our members on our Facebook page showing the birds, insects, mammals and plants that have been spotted in RWB throughout the year. We’re compiling information through these posts and asking residents to record their wildlife sightings on the iRecord app Our aim is to build up a picture of the existing wildlife in RWB so we know how best to help it.  

​If you’d like to find out more about what our Rewild RWB project group is doing, share ideas and information or get involved, please email or check our Facebook page for updates. We meet once a month currently at The Angel Pub. Everyone is welcome!   


Tree-planting at Stoneover Lane, spring 2020

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