Rewild RWB

Our wildlife is in trouble. Birds, insects, plants and animals have been decimated in the last few decades by habitat loss, pesticides and global warming. The UK is one the most denatured countries in the world.

We want to help restore our local wildlife and increase biodiversity. We want to plant trees to reduce carbon emissions and expand habitats and food sources for animals.

We have been working with our local council and schools on tree-planting projects. We applied to join the wildflower trials with Wiltshire council and are campaigning to see our road verges bloom. We support our local natural spaces and organisations, with regular updates from the Canal Trust, the Community Nature Reserve and Morningside Meadows. We encourage local residents who want to use their gardens to look after wildlife with resources and information from organisations like Naturehood. Our Facebook members regularly post about the animals, birds, plants and insects that can be found in Royal Wootton Bassett throughout the year.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do or are interested in helping us rewild RWB, please get in touch.


Tree-planting at Stoneover Lane, spring 2020