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Sustainable RWB

Would you like to help reduce plastic and waste, support local, sustainable businesses and environmentally friendly practices in our town?  


Our Sustainable project group aims to; 

  • Reduce plastic and waste  

  • Support, promote and give a platform to independent, sustainable businesses in RWB especially local makers and producers 

  • Encourage residents to reduce carbon emissions by buying local 

  • Promote local recycling and reuse schemes like swapping groups 

  • Encourage RWB to become an Eco Hub for residents and surrounding communities that boosts our local economy and enables us to make sustainable choices 


We want to help our local, sustainable businesses to thrive. We want to live in a town where we can buy goods that don't cost us the earth. We want to be able to refill, swap, upcycle, grow and borrow everything we need.


We’ve previously arranged shopping events, clothes swaps, talks on organic food and goods as well as recycling and waste, film screening, surveyed residents to find out their sustainable priorities, created an online shopping guide and a Facebook Christmas shopping group to give our local sustainable businesses a platform during the pandemic. Shops and services are welcome to post about their eco products or practices on our Facebook group (please check our advertising rules when posting). We’d especially love to hear about new environmentally friendly goods, how you're reducing your carbon emissions or what changes you’re making to help our town go green. 









Would you like to help make our town sustainable?

The Sustainable project group meets each month currently on zoom. We’re a friendly group of individuals who want to work together and take action to make our community more sustainable. If you’d like to help us with the Refill scheme, any of our other aims or want to share your ideas of how we could help RWB, please get in touch at

Check Out Our Volunteering System Here

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Project Refill 

We’re currently registering RWB as a Refill station to help reduce the use of plastic. Businesses and organisations can sign up to the scheme if they offer any sort of refill to residents from refilling water bottles or letting residents bring in their own containers for food and drink. Shops will be added to the national Refill app used by people all over the UK to search for business, receive a sticker to put in their window and be promoted by the Environmental group. Residents can use the app to see which businesses are taking positive actions for the environment and show their support accordingly. You can read more about the Refill scheme here

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