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RWB Carnival Seed Pack

Thank you for accepting one of our free bee loving seed packs. On this page you will find all you need to turn your seeds in to a lovely patch of bee and pollinator loving flowers.

The pack of seeds contains 27 varieties of annual and perennial flowering species.

Average Height: 70 - 80 cm tall

Sowing period: From March to June

First signs of blossom: 6 - 8 weeks after sowing. In the 2nd year from April

Average flowering period: 3 months

The seeds can be sown in any sunny position, either in a pot(s) or direct in your garden.

You have enough seeds to cover a 1m * 1m space.

Soil Preparation

1. Turn over the soil as deeply as possible: at least 10 cm.

2. Spread the soil out evenly

3. Rake and level the surface ready for seeds


1. Pour out your seed pack into a container and shake up to mix the seeds and husks

2. Sow by sprinkling the seeds and husks over the surface of the soil

3. Pack down the soil to ensure that the seed makes contact with the soil

4. Water regularly with a fine spray, keeping the soil moist until the seeds begin to sprout

5. Keep the soil moist for several days to ensure that the flower seeds sprout rapidly and to limit weed growth.

It would be lovely to see how your seeds grow so please post photo's on our Facebook page.

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