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Save on your energy bills!

We now have an Infrared Camera that you can borrow (voluntary £10 donation) to take photographs of your house to discover where you are losing heat and then target your insulation projects.

The camera is very easy to use and photo's can be downloaded on to your home computer. 

The best time to take thermal images is when it is cold outside to get the maximum contrast between the warm interior of your house and the cold exterior, so it needs to be used in winter for best results.

The camera is very easy to use and is operated much like a conventional digital camera. It takes two pictures simultaneously: an infrared thermal image and a “normal” daylight image. The latter is helpful in identifying where the picture was taken later, as the thermal image can be a bit blurred by its very nature. The thermal image combines elements of the visual image onto the thermal one to enhance edges etc, again to aid interpretation. The images are very easy to interpret with coldest areas in blue, graduating through red to yellow and white for the hottest.

You can book the camera for a 24 hour period by using the online booking tool below.

Here are the instructions for using the camera. 

Our thanks to Wiltshire Council for providing a grant for the camera. 

flir sample 1.jpg
flir sample 2.jpg
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