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Rewild RWB meeting on Wednesday 28th June


This is our monthly project group meeting. Our aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of planting wildflowers, hedges and trees to help our local wildlife and protect our beautiful green spaces in RWB. Please join us for news and discussions on;


•    Our Carnival wildflower giveaway - feedback

•    Updates on our tree planting project with RWBTC 

•    Blue Heart campaign for wildflower areas

•    Ideas for engaging residents and increasing biodiversity in RWB

•    Protecting our green spaces – planning proposals in RWB

•    Local environmental news and updates


Nearly half of all UK species are struggling to survive. If you’d like to help our local wildlife in RWB please come along to find out more, share information and ideas. We’ll be meeting at 7pm in the Angel in the High Street. We have a table booked in the nook to the right of the bar.


Everyone is welcome.

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