'Our Climate, Our Future: a comprehensive guide to the environmental crisis’ talk


Tuesday 24th May at 7.30 pm 


Please join us to hear from Jonny Friend, author and UN accredited Climate Change teacher, as he explains different aspects of the climate crisis and how we can help.


Jonny is a local writer, teacher and school leader on environmental action and awareness. When lockdown first hit, Jonny decided to collate his thoughts and learn more about the current state of the environment. He came to realise that although there were many amazing books on various aspects of the climate crisis, most people aren’t able to read lots of different books. Jonny felt that a single book was needed to encapsulate all of its aspects. He therefore wrote one himself. 


‘Our Climate Our Future’ has chapters on Climate Change, Denialism, Energy, Food, Consumption, Technology, Biodiversity and the Power of People with a final chapter full of ideas on what to do bring about positive change from worldwide to individual. Please join us to find out more from Jonny and the chance to ask him questions after the talk. 


‘One way to summarise our requirements is with the following; Awareness; that each of us genuinely understands the issues at hand, their consequences, and how to make significant, positive change.  Action; that we carry out the required actions, including global, regional, local and individual.  This includes challenging systems, as well as global, local and even individual change.  Hope; that we recognise that there is a better way and that all positive change will make a difference.  Through supporting each other and carrying our collective action we can create an improved world for all of us.’ 

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Please join us from the comfort of your own homes. Everyone is welcome.
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