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January meeting


Emergency meeting on the Wain Homes proposal to build on the Country park

We’re holding an urgent meeting to discuss the planning proposal on Thursday 21st January at 7.30 pm.


For anyone who isn’t familiar with the history, Wain Homes agreed about 10 years’ ago to build our town a Country park near Brynard’s Hill in exchange for their original development. A decade later and not only have Wain Homes failed to deliver on their promise to us but now they want to build on the area designated for our Country park. We need our green spaces for our wildlife and our own well-being, especially now!

At our meeting we’ll provide a short briefing on the history and current situation, how the planning process works and a guide to registering objections to the proposal on Wiltshire council’s planning portal.  The council will only accept a specific range of objections so we need to make sure our responses are counted. Then we’ll use the breakout rooms to discuss ideas for what we can do to help - how can we share information about the proposal throughout our town to make sure everyone knows? How can we encourage as many people as possible to register their objections? It would be particularly great to hear from anyone who has contacts with local community groups and would be willing to help spread the word.

The deadline for objections is Thursday 4th February. If we want to protect our green space and make Wain Homes keep their promises to us, we need to get as many people to register their objections as possible. 

I’ll post the link on our Facebook group on the day or you can email The link will be open at 7.15 pm and the meeting will last for about an hour. Please share the event with everyone that you think might be interested!

Finally, apologies for those looking forward to our GIKI talk which we'd originally scheduled for January. We’ve cancelled it to focus on the Wain homes proposal this month but hope to rearrange the talk for the future.

Everyone is welcome. So please join us from the comfort of your own home.

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