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David Wilson green fields development


David Wilson has applied for planning permission to build a large new estate of up to 410 dwellings opposite Woodshaw and the Sally Pusseys pub. This is currently a green field with hedges, trees and waterbodies providing habitat for nesting birds including endangered species as well as rare species like the Great Crested Newt. There are enough brownfields sites to build on in the country to fulfil the government’s quotas without any need to destroy essential shelter and food for our local wildlife.

All these extra buildings will also impact our town by putting more strain on our essential services like doctors, dentists and schools. The roundabout is already heavily congested and the new estate could add 800+ cars to the roads including along Binknoll Lane, which is a country lane used by horse riders and cyclists.




If you would like to object to the proposed development and how it will impact our local wildlife and town, our members have put the below list together to help. 

  • The proposal will destroy the existing habitat of grassland, hedgerows, trees, and water bodies. The new development has offered a much smaller area for biodiversity which still equals a massive loss. The site has had an Ecological Assessment. The Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Recording Centre provided 341 records of birds occurring within the area relating to thirty-five species. Many of these birds are Red Listed species which means they are in danger of extinction. The Great Crested Newt eDNA survey recorded Great Crested Newt DNA from two waterbodies within the site.

  • The site is within the Impact Risk Zone (IRZ) for the RWB Mud springs Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). IRZs are used by Natural England to identify development activities in the vicinity of SSSIs which may negatively impact designated features, thereby requiring planning authorities to consult with Natural England where potentially damaging activities are proposed.

  • It would adversely affect the visual impact of the countryside views on surrounding area.

  • There is fuel pipeline owned by Exolum running under the site. David Wilson are not building on this themselves. They have designated this area for a primary school instead.

  • Bincknoll Lane is not suitable for the proposed amount of traffic as it used by horse-riders, walkers, cyclists and heavy agricultural traffic creating a Health and Safety risk. It cannot cope with the vastly increased use the proposal would bring.

  • Furthermore it will add massive congestion to the already busy A3102 with up to another 800 cars.

  • Our public services including doctors, dentists and schools are already strained to bursting points and are not able to cope with another 410 – 1200 residents.

  • It would also erode the buffer zone between RWB and Swindon which is contrary to our Neighbourhood Plan as well negatively impacting the character of the town. 

  • It is contrary to Wiltshire Council’s own Core Policies 1, 2, 19, 51, 52, 57, 60, 62, 67

The planning application reference number is PL/2023/02129

If you would like to object, go to the Comments page here by 31st May 2023

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