Making a difference

Some of our members want to do more to help the environment so there’s also the opportunity to take positive action. As a group we want to help and support our town to;

  •     reduce emissions to net carbon zero by 2030

  •     restore nature and look after our local wildlife

  •     use more sustainable resources, services and products


We engage with our town and county councils, MP, schools, local businesses and other organisations to raise environmental awareness and discuss what we can do in our town. We've put on a range of events from film screenings, political debates, tree-planting, an Eco-Fest, clothes swaps and more. Based on our joint passions, we’ve formed project groups to work towards our aims. Whilst the lockdown has put our community events on pause for now, our working groups are continuing.

Our cycle group is working to develop a cycle path network in town and beyond.

Our rewilding group is working to increase our town’s biodiversity through tree-planting initiatives, campaigning to let our road verges bloom and  more.


Want to take action and make a difference? Take a look at our cycle and rewilding group pages for more information.